General Etiquette

1. Gestures: Consider the time and place for doing certain gestures. Some gestures, like the “sieg heil” gesture, are extremely offensive. Cosplayers, please also do refrain from coming in Red Army or Nazi uniforms.

2. Harrassment: Please keep your hands to yourself and do not touch anyone without their permission.

3. Weapons: Please bear in mind that accidents do happen, and we would like to rid the risk of anything happening during the event. No mock fighting, no live-steel, no guns that can fire ammo.

4. Flags: Please remember that flags are the national symbol of a country and should thus be treated with respect. Do not place them on the ground, sit on them, etc. If you are not using the flag in your hands, please fold it up neatly and put it into your bag.

5. Photos: Everyone is to feel free to take photos during the event! Do remember to ask politely for a cosplayer's permission before you take photos of them though. Understand if they reject your request.

6. Inappropriate requests: Please do not, at any time during the event, request for cosplayers to do explicit yaoi/yuri/het poses that might be inappropriate. No PDA please.

Cosplaying Etiquette

1. Photos: Everyone has the right to decline a photo. If at any time you do not feel in the mood to have your photo taken, just turn the person down politely.

2. Inappropriate gestures: Please refrain from doing any inappropriate, explicitly suggestive, indecent, or yaoi/yuri/hardcore het related poses, and turn down any requests if you receive any.

3. Location: We have only booked the badminton court. Please do not loiter around areas other than the event hall and the cafe, as this is still a CC for the rest of the community to use.

Dress Code

1. Cosplay is not a requirement. However, it is welcomed, so please do feel free to come down in cosplay.

2. However, please note that cosplay is restricted to Hetalia-only cosplay. ... but I suppose that goes without saying.

3. Since the theme this year is Gakuen Hetalia (School Hetalia), if you have the uniform please feel free to come in it!

4. However, also because it is a school setting, please refrain from wearing any overly-showy clothes. Think appropriate for school and you've got it right.

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