World Gakuensai 2011, Singapore

The School of World cordially invites you to participate in their open- to-all School Festival (World Gakuensai) this year in Singapore. This will be a day where all countries will come together to celebrate world peace and embrace the wide variety of cultural differences that makes up our school.

It will be an entire day of fun, games, good food, and performances from all the different countries. Please do take note of the following event details:

Location: Yio Chu Kang Community Center, First Floor Badminton Court
Date: 22nd October 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 1100~1800

All participants are advised to come on time to join in the morning assembly and ensure that they do not miss out on games, activities, freebies, and the briefing for the day itself.

That being said, there will be no penalty for latecomers unlike normal school days.

Please remember to read the Etiquette section and take note of the rules stated there. They are not difficult to follow, but ask of you to be respectful to yourself and others. Please do take heed of these pointers and guidelines to ensure that you and everyone else have a good time.

Major updates will be highlighted on our Blog and Twitter account. Please do watch these closely.

Ah, the site will also be updated throughout the next few months, so look out for extra information, especially for the pre-booking of the cafe meals that will be coming out soon.

That being said, as a representative of the entire School of World students, I look forward to meeting everyone and ensure that you will be having a very enjoyable day.

Student Council President,
Arthur Kirkland

What is World Hetalia Day?

World Hetalia Day? This is a by fans for fans event- whereby fans of a Japanese blog comic turned publication, “Axis Power Hetalia” celebrate United Nations Day held on the 24th October annually in unison with other countries. Singapore fans first celebrated at East Coast Park.

This year, Singapore will be celebrating once more in Yio Chu Kang CC, with an added theme of a Gakuheta School Festival! So drop by and join the rest of the Hetalia fans in Singapore and celebrate with the rest of the world!

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